Private Parties

Bring Life to Your Parties with Premium DJ Services

Make your private party the talk of Carteret County with DJ and Pro Audio’s unparalleled entertainment solutions. Let us bring a personal and vibrant energy to your celebrations. Whether you’re hosting an intimate affair or a blowout bash, we provide the soundtrack and ambiance to ensure your party is unforgettable.

Our Private Party Services


From sweet sixteens to significant milestones, we deliver a personalized playlist that resonates with the birthday star and their guests.


Celebrate love and commitment with a selection of timeless classics and modern hits that honor your journey together.

Themed Parties

Immerse your guests in a fully themed auditory experience—whether it's an 80s throwback, tropical luau, or a masquerade ball.

Holiday Gatherings

Festive tunes that elevate the spirit of the season, from haunting Halloween anthems to jolly Christmas carols.

Family Reunions

Bring generations together with a mix of nostalgic favorites and current chart-toppers that all ages can enjoy.

Graduation Celebrations

Honor the graduate with an upbeat and congratulatory playlist that marks this significant milestone.

Why DJ and Pro Audio is
is Your Best Choice

Tailored Music Curation

Tristan carefully curates playlists to reflect your tastes, event theme, and the vibe you want to achieve.

Engaging and Interactive

Not just a DJ—Tristan is an entertainer who knows how to read and engage with the crowd, ensuring everyone is having a great time.

Top-Notch Sound Quality

We use professional-grade audio equipment to deliver crystal-clear sound that’s perfectly balanced for your space.

Lighting to Match

Our lighting options can be tailored to enhance the mood, whether you want something understated or a full-on dance club experience.

Reliable and Professional

Dependability is key for any event. Tristan’s professionalism means you can relax and enjoy your party knowing the entertainment is covered.

Vast Music Library

With an extensive collection of tracks from various genres and eras, the perfect song for any moment is at Tristan’s fingertips.

Every private party is a chance to make memories, and with DJ and Pro Audio, those memories will be set to an incredible soundtrack. Tristan Berrini’s personal approach ensures that your party isn’t just another event—it’s your event, shining brightly with personality and flair.

Ready to Party?

Ready to take your private party to the next level? Get in touch with us for a consultation and let’s plan the ultimate party experience. Let DJ and Pro Audio be the heartbeat of your celebration!